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Time for a Charge...

Pictured are Kyle (left) and Wesley Hack. Wesley Started the company in 2000 with the bare essentials and it has taken off ever since. Kyle (son of Wesley and co-owner) started taking on work in the company as early as he could. Together, they have grown the business into the success it has become today. The company takes on not only residential, but commercial projects as well! 

In order to make charging the equipment quick and convenient, the company has built a solar panel charging station right at the shop!

In August of 2021, Wesley Hack, Founder and Owner of Hack's Landscaping Creations, LLC, was published on the cover of Lawn and Landscape for his investments into running an eco-friendlier business. In 2020, he decided it was time to convert all of the companies' trimmers, blowers, and mowers to battery operated Greenworks equipment. He has also invested in a Tesla for when he is on the road!

Rapidly Expanding 

Hack's Landscaping Creations, LLC